About us

Nerthus ApS was founded in 2010 by Henrik Byrial Jakobsen and Ina Giversen.

Henrik is a former senior researcher at Årslev Research Center (DK) with secondary plant substances as his primary research area.
In addition to his work with Nerthus, Henrik runs the organic farm Vibevadgaard, as well as the research company Byrial ApS.  Byrial ApS participates in a major research collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark and Horsens Regional Hospital, where Vibevadgaard’s special aronia types are tested in a clinical trial focusing on sperm quality, LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.

For a number of years, Ina Giversen has served as a consultant in the food supplement industry with particular focus on product development and documentation of herbal dietary supplements. She has a PhD in botany and ecology and is the co-author of two books on Danish flora and medicinal plants.

Henrik Byrial Jakobsen
CEO and co-founder,
scientist, PhD.

Ina Giversen
CEO and co-founder,
scientist, PhD.

The story about Punalpin – in short

The story of Punalpin starts back in 2004, where Ina gets an idea for a sperm quality product based on greater galangal. The following year she meets Henrik through consultancy work and they initiate a collaboration as consultants in the dietary supplement industry.

However, it is not until 2009 before we decide to make an idea a reality. Thorough literature studies show us that pomegranate will be an optimal ingredient to combine galanga with. A clinical trial follows and after significant positive results we continue with further product development, which ensures a better protection of the active compounds in the product. Alongside this work, we begin to submit patent applications concerning the processing method for galangal, as well as the effect of the combination of galanga and pomegranate. In 2014, we begin to sell the first products via our own website and later that year, the results of our clinical study are published in a recognized scientific journal.

We hope that with Punalpin, we can help to alleviate the widespread occurrence of reduced sperm quality among younger men.