Punalpin® (720 tablets/3 months) Pomegranate, galanga


The dietary supplement Punalpin® is based on two plant ingredients, pomegranate extract and galangal rhizome. The ingredients are formulated in two different tablets which should be taken in combination.

Further information on ingredients and intake can be found in the product declaration.

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Tested at a fertility clinic

Punalpin® is an innovative, research-based dietary supplement. As one of the few male fertility products on the market, Punalpin® has been tested in a placebo-controlled study. The study took place at a public Danish fertility clinic with the participation of 66 men. The study results have been published in the peer-reviewed, high-quality journal Plos One.

Ingredients with unique active compounds

Punalpin® is a combination product based on two plant ingredients: Pomegranate extract and galangal rhizome. The ingredients are formulated in two different tablets, which are delivered in separate bottles. The tablets should be taken in combination. The ingredients have been carefully selected and are gently processed in order to preserve the natural compounds. The active compounds of both pomegranate and galangal are unique to these plants.

Patented product

Punalpin® is produced by the Danish company Nerthus ApS and is the result of 5 years targeted research and product development. Nerthus ApS has achieved granted patents on the effect of the ingredient combination, as well as the processing method of galangal.