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My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 4 years, of which 3 of the years have been through fertility treatment both in a public clinic but also in a private clinic. Back in May 2020, my boyfriend tried the pills Punalpin – at first he was a bit skeptical, because if the fertility treatment could not help us, how should some pills be able to? After 3 months the ´cure´ was finished and now I am suddenly standing here today and have become pregnant naturally. It’s early in the process, but the blood tests show that it’s going the right way, thankfully. I just want to add that my boyfriend has extremely reduced sperm quality and I myself have PCO, mild endometriosis, metabolic disease, type 1 diabetes and one defective ovary. Despite this, we are now going to become parents, thanks to Punalpin. It’s still completely surreal to us. But we look forward to having our baby in our arms. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUNALPIN, FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO BE PARENTS! We are eternally grateful to you!

– Kristina & Marc, Denmark (September 2020)

In 2.5 years, I lost the fetus 5 times between weeks 8-14. All the while, the hearts just stopped beating. Several of the times there have been either malformations or chromosome defects. The unit for repeated pregnancy losses at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen referred us to have a test done for DNA damage. And my husband’s figure was 31.9, so it was extremely high. After 3 months on Punalpin (Pomegranate + Galanga) and a little diet regulation, I became pregnant again naturally, and am now 34 weeks pregnant with a healthy and fit little boy.

– Julie, Denmark (July 2020)

We had been trying to get pregnant for approx.7 months without success when my husband’s sperm quality was tested. It turned out that his sperm quality was below the normal limit. So, we were given a referral to fertility treatment. Moreover, we decided to try Punalpin Plus, which was recommended to me by a colleague. After half a year, her husband’s sperm quality increased five-fold and she just gave birth to a daughter. We bought a 3-months package, however, after just two months my husband’s sperm quality had almost quadrupled and at the pre-fertility treatment examination, we realised that I was already pregnant! I am now 21 weeks pregnant and we are extremely happy to have conceived naturally and to avoid a long and difficult course of fertility treatment. Punalpin has been well worth the money and we have recommended it to another couple who also experienced an increase in sperm quality in just a few weeks.

– Julie, 29 years old, Denmark (July 2019)

We received help to get pregnant from a fertility clinic as we had various fertility challenges . The clinic held an information evening about how important a healthy lifestyle is to get a quick result. As my boyfriend smokes and likes to go out with friends, I realised how “a big night” affected his semen quality negatively when we delivered samples to the clinic. That is why we decided to boost his normal semen quality at the low end (due to negative lifestyle factors) – with Punalpin to increase our chances.. After taking Punalpin, the difference clearly showed – it went from the low end of the normal scale to more than 100 million normal spermatozoa. Now, I am pregnant and we are having a baby in June this year. Based on our experiences with Punalpin, we would like to recommend this food supplement to anyone who is having problems with fertility. My boyfriend did not have any side effects of the product.

– Maria, 39 years old, Denmark (March 2019)

My husband and I have undergone fertility treatment for several years due to poor sperm quality. It is a very demanding,  exhausting and energy-draining process that causes major mood swings due to the hormones as well as the great focus on getting pregnant and not least the resulting disappointments. After several unsuccessful attempts, we were about to give up completely and had set out for a life without children… We simply did not want more hormone treatments and surgical procedures with egg withdrawals and broken hopes and dreams. But then we heard about the Punalpin® dietary supplement for men. We bought a start package with 2 different kinds of pills – pomegranate and galangas – for a 3-months’ treatment. My husband took the pills, exercised a little more and we changed the diet to primarily organic. From having extremely low sperm quality (we did a test at the end of December 2017 which showed that my husband had a DNA Fragility Index value of 34.0%), Punalpin® together with a more exercise and organic food changed my husband’s health significantly. At the end of April 2018 my husband’s DFI value had fallen to 24.3%. During this period of improvement, my husband even managed to get me pregnant naturally! We have now the most beautiful little daughter! My husband continues to take Punalpin® as a daily supplement because he feels significantly better, less tired and more healthy and alive with Punalpin® than without.

– Elizabeth, 36 years old, Denmark (March 2019)

We now have a beautiful baby girl 3.5 months old and we can honestly say that the sperm motility improved greatly and that your products will have had a major contribution toward this! Many thanks we are feeling blessed and fully supported throughout this process.

– Lucy and Peter, London, UK (January 2018)