About Punalpin®

Punalpin® and Punalpin® PLUS are based on a high-quality pomegranate extract combined with the freeze-dried rhizome of greater galangal. Both ingredients have been gently processed in order to preserve the natural characteristic compounds to the widest possible extent. In Punalpin® PLUS, the minerals selenium and zinc have been added together with freeze-dried aronia berries. Read more about the extra ingredients in Punalpin® PLUS in Product data. The below information on pomegranate and galangal is valid for both Punalpin® and Punalpin® PLUS.


Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a rich source of ellagitannins, which is a certain type of tannin compounds. The primary ellagitannins of pomegranate are punicalagins and punicalins. The content of these compounds is used as marker compounds and as a measure of quality for pomegranate extracts in general. The pomegranate extract in Punalpin® contains high levels of punicalagins and punicalins.

The daily dose of pomegranate extract in Punalpin® contains min. 400 mg of punicalagins, punicalins and related compounds, hereof a minimum of 300 mg punicalagins (puncalagin A and B).


Greater galangal

The rhizome of greater galangal (Alpinia galanga) contains several more or less volatile compounds, the most prevalent being acetoxychavicol acetate (ACA). This compound is unique to greater galangal and contributes to the pungent taste of the rhizome. Greater galangal belongs to the ginger family and resembles ginger, but the rhizome is harder with its own aromatic flavour and scent.

The daily dose of greater galangal rhizome in Punalpin® contains min. 16 mg ACA.

Nerthus ApS has developed a processing method, which has made it possible to preserve the rather unstable bioactive compounds of the fresh rhizome during the manufacturing processes as well as in the finished product. This patented method ensures a level of active compounds which can not be achieved by simple extraction.  Rhizomes are imported from selected farms in Thailand and processed in Denmark and Sweden.

Research and patents

Punalpin® is the result of 5 years targeted research and product development, including testing of the product in a human study, analysis of numerous raw material sources and tablet formulations and shelf life analyses. Nerthus has achieved granted patents on the effect of the combination of pomegranate and greater galangal as well as the processing method of greater galangal. We are constantly looking for ways to optimize the product, e.g. by using alternative ingredients and new processing methods.

Quality control

We apply punicalagins / punicalins / ellagic acid in pomegranate and ACA in galangal as marker compounds for the quality of Punalpin®. The levels of these compounds are measured several times during the manufacturing process and also regularly in finished products in order to monitor the shelf life of Punalpin®.

Safety and side effects

We place great emphasis on the tablets being easy to swallow, dissolving quickly in the stomach, and as far as possible giving no side effects. In rare cases, Punalpin® may cause flatulence and upset stomach. For sensitive stomachs, the dose can be gradually increased to the recommended daily dose of the product. Please contact us if you experience side effects of Punalpin® products (email: info@punalpin.com).